Current Amazon Wish List….


It’s Friday and I haven’t blogged in forever but I told myself I would so here you have it.  I went onto Amazon to order and thought to myself it has to be the best web invention ever, seriously it’s a black hole for me at times.  Almost therapeutic.  I “pretend” shop and add to my wishlist so I don’t forget what I’m currently obsessing about because I know the next day I’ll forget.  I usually stick to coffee books (my favorite since I don’t really read just love visuals), makeup (because who wants to deal with the makeup vultures at Nordy’s), Kitchen appliances- because I’m a sucker and totally into the spiral zucchini at the moment and would like to stop paying Whole Paycheck to spiral for me and that stupid fitbit- I still want one but now it feels like the fad has past and I’ve missed the cool train on that one.  Anyways, what’s on your Amazon wishlist…..??  Happy Friday

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