Everyone should ring the New Year in with a bit of bubbly…..give this one a try with Lamarca-my favorite!

Happy New Year!!

6 blackberries, divided1/4 fluid ounce (1/2 tablespoon) fresh lemon juice1/4 fluid ounce (1/2 tablespoon) agave nectar or simple syrup1 dash Chambord1 fluid ounce (2 tablespoons) raspberry vodka5 fluid ounces Champagne or Prosecco

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The Launch

It’s finally arrived!!!!  My new website….it has taken over a year to make happen but it was so worth the wait.  I love the look and hope you will too.  It will my sound box on all sorts of topics that I am slightly obsessed about as well as other ramblings and whatever I feel like…

Thanks so much to the brilliant Erika Brechtal at Small Shop Studio.  Enjoy and drop me a note…



Artist Profile Heather Day

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So after I quit my job a few months ago I was desperate for a creative outlet so I signed up for an acrylic class with a local artist and it really fueled my love again for painting.  I haven’t picked up a paint brush since college and now I kinda can’t get enough…. I came across this artist on the Tappan Collection website and really like her work, she’s inspired me to continue playing in my studio.  Photos from her website http://www.heatherdayart.com/#!/HOME Take a look……