Travel // Paris


I was fortunate enough to join one of my best gal pals last fall on a trip to Paris!  It was my first trip to Europe and it was so much fun.  I must be missing it since I had to do this post.  These are just a few of the 200 photos I took on the trip (wish I had taken my photography class before but oh well now I know manual mode for the next one).  We started out in the city for the first leg, stayed at the Hotel Muguet in the Rue Cler area and than we hopped a train to the southern part to a quaint little town called Berbigieres (population literally 25).  Toured Josephine Baker’s chateau and kayaked down the Dordogne river.  So many great memories and it just reminds me that no matter how busy life gets or how much money I may not have for extras you just have to continue traveling and seeing other places.  Life is too short not to experience as many different things possible (and no I never got tired of cheese and wine)….Thanks JR for everything  (since I know your reading this).

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